Agenda 2014

September 16th, 2014

Agenda for Oaktable World 2014, located at Creativity Museum, is

 time Monday Sept 29 Tuesday Sept 30
8 (8:30 am) Mogens: welcome Carlos Sierra: introducing edb360 tool
9 Riyaj Shamsudeen: in-memory internals Kent Graziano: Worst Practices in DW Design
10 Chris Antognini: Indexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management Internals Tanel Poder: Hacking Oracle 12c
11 Martin Bach: A deep dive into HCC internals and mechanics Jeremiah Wilton: Oracle on EC2: You’re doing it wrong
12 ted talks ted talks
1 Jonathan Lewis:Calculating Selectivity Connor McDonald: clone db
2 Greg Rahn: The Current State of SQL + Hadoop Frits Hoogland: Profiling the logwriter and database writer (with version update)
3 Kevin Closson:SLOB – For More Than I/O! Alex Gorbachev:  Anomaly detection on performance data
4 Toon: Why DBMS’s Still Lack SQL Assertions Support (A polite excuse) Karl Arao: Capacity Planning: SLAs, KPIs, Headroom, Expiry Date

Ted Talks between noon and 1pm

 Monday  Tuesday
Eric Grancher: using ASH to understand IO issues Jonah Harris: network protocal hacking making Oracle talk with MySQL
Jonathan Lewis: Breaking Exadata Jonathan Lewis:Parallel Execution Plans
Jonathan Gennick: Seven Secrets in Publishing Kent Graziano: Data Vault 2.0: using MD5 hash for change detection
Cary M – The most important “trick” of performance instrumentation Alex Gorbachev: DevOps

Kerry Osborne: “How to Hire World Class DBAs”?




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